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Q&A Safari with Ben, Keef & Yonah...From Mixing Scissor Sisters & Elton John's Oscar party to forming Acid House Duo featuring vocals from 90's pop sensation!

(Atari Safari, Left to Right.... Ben, Yonah & Keef)

Atari Safari, the dynamic DJ/Production duo from the North West of England, consists of the talented Ben and Keef. Known for their eclectic mixes that blend Chicago House, Funk, Soul, Acid, and Balearic sounds, they've made waves in the music industry with tracks signed to notable labels like Snake Beat Records, Under Pressure, and Freakin909, among others. Their remixing skills have been sought after by artists such as CASSIMM and EDUKE, ensuring their presence is felt far and wide. With airplay on Radio 1 by Danny Howard and a buzzing weekly residency at 33 Oldham Street in Manchester, they're on an upward trajectory. Their collaborations with renowned singers like Melanie Williams and 'It's Yonah' Aka Little Blackdove add a unique flavor to their original tracks. Catch them live at their residencies or tune into the “Atari Safari Show” on Data Transmission Radio or Move Ibiza radio for a taste of their infectious sound.

Atari Safari Q & A

How long have you been together?

We met about three years ago. Keef came to my studio wanting to create some tracks. What started as weekly sessions quickly turned into beer sessions and a lot of fun. Oh yes, and we made some great music too.

How many tracks have you written together?

We've written over 60 tracks now. Ideas come together really quickly for us.

Who have you remixed?

We've remixed tracks for Cassimm, Eduke, Donald Pump, and currently working on an acid disco remix for Ness Toria.

You've remixed a track for Manchester band Winachi, who are also playing Boho?

Yeah we had fun with Liam and the lads, great band! The track is called 'For you I'd Kill' we added some balearic percussion, piano synth hooks, house beats, to the bands Lyrics. They have a really unique sound! It's well funky, kinda electrofunk... soulful, deep, disco, indie mashup!! We are

really looking forward to meeting up with them at Boho Festival and listening to their set.

How did you come up with the name Atari Safari?

Keef initially wanted to call us "Keef & Ben," which we both thought was a bit lackluster. Then one day, he suggested "Atari Safari"—I represent Atari, and Keef brings the Safari. The rest, as they say, is history.

Can you expand on this? Why are you Atari & Keef Safari ?

Keef: Because Ben is dead techy, and is shit hot on the computer. I'm a bit mad, a bit of an animal (LOL) love the party, and been listening to House music, Djing and going clubing for over 30 years. Which has been some safari let me tell you!

Describe your band's music style in 5 words.

Acid, Disco, House, Magic, Madness (not the baggy trouser kind).

What's the craziest gig you've ever done?

Ben: I once mixed sound for Scissor Sisters with Elton John at his famous Oscar party. We were flown in from Japan, but because of the time difference, we ended up partying hard and didn't realize we had sound check at 8 AM…whoops.

Ben worked as a live sound engineer. Who are some of the artists you've worked for?

I've had a fantastic career mixing gigs. Some highlights include working with Bob Dylan, PJ Harvey, Spiritualized, 5 Seconds of Summer, Slaves (now Soft Play), and currently, David Guetta and Bicep Live Tours.

Keef Meet the Pop Up Party Lads In Ibiza?

Keef: Yeah I was over there a couple of years ago for the IMS (Ibiza Music Summit), and we were staying in the same hotel. We were have a beer around the pool and ended up chatting and getting on dead well and hung out for the weekend, going to a few parties. We joked on the last day that folk who meet on hoilday always say they'll keep in touch and generally dont. We have!

Keef you've also done a bit of promoting up north ?

I've put loads of house nights on over the years, booking some really cool DJ's, Marshall Jefferson, Graeme Park, Jon Dasilva, Andy Carroll, Tom Wainwright, Terry Farley, K Klass, and many others!

How did you meet Yonah?

Ben was looking for singers and found Yonah working with another singer named Red. He invited her to the studio, and our track "Ebbs n Flows" was born.

I hear Yonah is in another famous band?

Yeah she is in the Manchester based legendary R&B/Pop girl group called Cleopatra with her two sisters Cleo & Zainam. They burst onto the scene in the late 1990's, with their infectious energy, soulful harmonies and dynanmic performances. Nominated for a BRIT Award for 'Best Newcomer'.

When Yonah performed live at Pop Up Patrty, Binks Yard she smashed it!

Keef: Yeah she is real performer, great stage presence, and can proper dance! Her singings not bad either LOL. We love working together, she's proper talented, writing original lyrics for some of our tracks and reworking house classics like ' 'Ain't nothing going on but the rent'. We are currentlly working on some other house classic edits for Boho & the Hacienda Wollaton Event.

What can we expect from Atari Safari Live at Boho 2024?

Get ready for an electrifying night at the Atari Safari live show! It's going to be a full-on party featuring a mix of timeless classics and the hottest club sounds. Enjoy live vocals from It’s Yonah of the legendary Cleopatra, bringing the heat with every performance. The atmosphere will be buzzing with energy, so bring your best dance moves and prepare to have an unforgettable night!

Atari Safari

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